1. Bristol-Myers Squibb

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  2. Quotes about Bristol-Myers Squibb

    1. Since being named CEO, Giovanni has clearly demonstrated the capabilities needed to lead Bristol-Myers Squibb in the near and long term.
      In Giovanni Caforio Named Chairman of Bristol-Myers Squibb's Board of Directors
    2. I am extremely pleased to add Michael, Julia and Phyllis to Bristol-Myers Squibb's Board. These three leaders bring skill sets and experience that complement our current Board members.
      In Bristol-Myers Squibb Board Announces Election of Three New Directors
    3. We are thankful John has agreed to join our Board of Directors.  John's extensive experience at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and his recent engagements as a consultant to companies at various stages of growth in the pharmaceutical industry will be a great asset to IGI and its Board of Directors.
      In IGI Laboratories, Inc. Appoints John Celentano to Board of Directors