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  2. Quotes about bribery

    1. As the beneficiary of a long-running bribery scheme perpetrated by a closely controlled subsidiary, Alcoa is liable and must be held responsible.
      In Alcoa Reaches Settlement With SEC And DOJ Over Bahraini Bribery Scandal
    2. There are developments overseas such as the US FATCA and the UK Bribery act that could have legal and regulatory challenges. Currently, individual companies are coping with these issues. Some common ground needs to be achieved to tackle these matters.
      In Wary of corporate governance, crony capitalism: Sebi chief
    3. An internal investigation brought to light bribery and corruption among some online video employees ... The police have been notified and we are waiting for the results.
      In Former Tencent Employees, Including Alibaba Exec, Held in China Graft Probe