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    1. We are pleased to add Christina to the Boards of Directors of both our parent company and the Bank. Her experience and leadership roles with a West Michigan based global manufacturing enterprise, as well as her strong educational background, make her an important addition to our organization.
      In Independent Bank (IBCP) Appoints Christina Keller to Board of Directors
    2. True corporate democracy does not exist in America and as a result many unfit chief executives are not held accountable. Poison pills and other board tricks disenfranchise stockholders. As a result entrenched chief executives and boards of directors may be protected even if they are ineffective.
      Carl Icahn in Carl Icahn Attacks Companies That Protect 'Unfit' Chief Executives
    3. We are delighted to add Matt to the Boards of Directors of both our parent company and the Bank.  Matt brings many skills to our Board, including experience as the CEO of a publicly traded company, an extensive legal background and outstanding leadership qualities.
      In Independent Bank Corporation Announces Appointment Of Matthew J. Missad To Its Board Of Directors