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    1. We are pleased to welcome Mr. Riccobono to our Boards of Directors.
      In First Financial Northwest, Inc. Announces Appointment of Richard M. Riccobono as a New Director
    2. We are pleased to add Christina to the Boards of Directors of both our parent company and the Bank. Her experience and leadership roles with a West Michigan based global manufacturing enterprise, as well as her strong educational background, make her an important addition to our organization.
      In Independent Bank (IBCP) Appoints Christina Keller to Board of Directors
    3. We have to get boards of directors and those who are responsible for succession planning of CEOs much more intentional in identifying talented individuals early on in their executive leadership career trajectory and getting them in position to be considered for the role of chairman and CEO of Fortune 500 companies.
      In American Express CEO Ken Chenault To Retire In February, Leaving Only 3 Black CEOs At Fortune 500 Companies