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    2. Sour-dough: The Boardroom Battle at Bread-Maker Aryzta

      Sour-dough: The Boardroom Battle at Bread-Maker Aryzta
      Having once enjoyed multi-billion-euro revenues, Aryzta has spent the last four years trying to free itself from a series of past management mis-steps. It now faces a shareholder revolt that could fundamentally alter its boardroom - and its future direction. So what is going on at the company? Firstly, what is Aryzta? Aryzta was formed more than ten years ago when the Irish Agricultural Wholesale Society (IAWS) merged with Swiss bakery ...
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    3. Dysfunction in the Boardroom

      Dysfunction in the Boardroom
      For years women have sought greater representation on corporate boards. And most boards say they want more diversity. So why did women hold only 16.6% ofFortune500 board seats in 2012? And why, for the past six years, has that percentage been relatively flat, increasing by just two points, according to data from the research firm Catalyst?
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    1. When you are in the midst of a transaction or a boardroom battle or both, directors are called on not just for more hours of work but they also have less flexibility over how to control those hours because they are responding to events and a tightly compressed calendar.
      In Overboarded Directors at Valeant, Yahoo! and Elsewhere Struggle With Activists, M&A