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    2. Nasdaq’s Board Diversity Proposal Faces SEC Decision

      Nasdaq’s Board Diversity Proposal Faces SEC Decision
      Nasdaq Inc.s push for greater diversity in corporate boards faces a key hurdle as regulators are poised to rule on the exchange operators proposal to include gender and race in its listing rules. Staffers at the Securities and Exchange Commission are expected to release a decision Friday on whether to approve or reject Nasdaqs proposed changes...
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    1. We would like you to set out how you intend to make genuine progress to improving board diversity. We therefore ask you to set out what actions the board is taking to ensure that substantial progress is made to meet the Hampton-Alexander 2020 targets.
      In UK: FTSE 350 Firms Under Fire Over ‘unacceptable’ Lack of Female Directors
    2. Often when we engage with companies on the issue of board diversity we hear that the biggest challenge is a lack of suitable female candidates.
      In Investor State Street Uses Financial Clout to Get More Women to the Top
    3. While our board has determined not to make a recommendation either in favour of or opposed to the shareholder proposal, we believe that our current practices and recent enhancements to our new director candidate selection process support board diversity.
      In With No Women on its Board, Shareholder Calls for Diversity Policy at Tim Hortons owner RBI