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    1. The 2016 BDO Board Survey reveals frustration among boards with the growing number of disclosures in financial statements today, though they clearly see use for non-GAAP metrics - especially with regard to executive compensation calculations.
      In Public Company Directors Want to Reign in “Overboarding”, Split on Improvements to Non-GAAP ...
    2. Over the past three years, the BDO Board Survey has documented the ascension of cybersecurity up the boardroom agenda. Corporate directors are being briefed more often and are responding with increased budgets to address this critical area.
      In BDO USA Board Survey Reveals Continued Increases in Director Time & Company Resources Spent on Planning for Cybersecurity Risks
    3. Matthew Becker, National Tax Managing Partner at BDO USA, stated.
      In Transformation Prompts Boards to Examine Tax Strategy, Diversity and Metrics