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  2. Quotes about Apache

    1. DataStax has distinguished itself as the leading contributor to Apache Cassandra™ and the undisputed leader in making Cassandra enterprise-ready for a wide range of companies tackling the biggest tech challenges of our time: cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
      In DataStax Appoints Kelly Battles to Board of Directors
    2. With her 34 years of experience exploring for oil and gas in basins all over the world and leadership roles in the industry, we expect Annell will make a significant contribution to the board's ongoing assessment of the opportunities and risks facing Apache.
      In Apache Appoints Annell R. Bay To Board Of Directors
    3. We are pleased to welcome Dan to the Apache board. He brings a deep understanding of the drilling and service side of our business and will be a tremendous asset to the organization.
      In Apache Corporation: Apache Appoints Daniel W. Rabun To Board Of Directors