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    2. Congratulations to BoardProspects Member Harry Broadman

      Congratulations to BoardProspects Member Harry Broadman
      BoardProspects would like to congratulate Member Harry Broadman on being named to the Advisory Board of ArmorText -- the developer of a secure messaging and file-sharing platform for companies in domestic and international markets. Mr. Broadman is currently chief executive officer and managing partner of Proa Global Partners LLC, a cross-border transaction advisory firm specializing in reducing exposure to the risks of investing in high-growth emerging markets...More
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    3. New BoardProspects Testimonial

      Below is a new testimonial about BoardProspects from Member Bernard Heine: "I have been a Member of BoardProspects since 2012 and was passively looking for board positions. This year I decided to be more proactive and signed up for the Premium Subscription. I was impressed on with both the number and the quality of the positions available. Within a few months I have found an exciting board position and look ...
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  2. Quotes about Advisory Boards

    1. Board of directors and advisory boards are in charge of high-level oversight.
      In Bush's Busy Role on Corporate Boards Could Become 2016 Issue
    2. We are honored to have someone with Dr. Sackier's exceptional skills in this role. His successful history in leading medical advisory boards combined with his passion, enthusiasm and expertise in the development of medical devices will be a welcomed addition to the Helius team.
      In Helius Medical Technologies Appoints Dr. Jonathan Sackier as Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board
    3. The addition of Michel has further strengthened what was already one of the strongest Advisory Boards in the industry and is another proof of Lima's attractiveness.
      In Michel Orsinger Joins Lima Corporate's Advisory Board