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    1. CSX May Not Be the Only Rail Target for Activist Investor

      CSX May Not Be the Only Rail Target for Activist Investor

      Canadian Pacific Railway CEO Hunter Harrison speaks at the company's annual meeting in Calgary, Alberta. Harrison, who led the turnaround of Canadian Pacific railroad over the past five years is teaming with an activist investor to target CSX railroad. He announced his retirement from CP Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, and then told the Wall Street Journal about his plans...

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    2. Cracker Barrel takes aim at Biglari

      Cracker Barrel takes aim at Biglari

      In a letter to shareholders, Cracker Barrel President and CEO Sandra Cochran said the company believes Biglari's “true intentions may be to take control of Cracker Barrel without paying shareholders a premium.” Biglari lost out in a bid to gain a seat on Cracker Barrel's board last year, but now he wants a seat on the board for himself and Biglari Holdings Vice Chairman Philip Cooley — Biglari's ...

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    3. Area CEO pay up 81% in 2011

      Area CEO pay up 81% in 2011

      [...] Napier also gained $17.02 million in previous stock options and vested stock awards, a windfall that by itself accounts for much of the large jump in the area's cumulative executive pay. The second-, third- and fourth-largest executive earners in the area also garnered large 2011 pay gains from stock options and vested stock awards in amounts that surpassed their base salary. The growing ...

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    4. Corporate reform law now a decade old

      No one lit candles on a cake and sang the birthday song, but the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate reform law hit the big 1-0 this summer. The corporate governance practices that followed have become so ingrained at companies that many people now take them for granted and perhaps have forgotten, if they every knew, where they originated. It can be said the reforms came from Texas. The widespread deception and spreadsheet trickery at Houston-based Enron Corp. came to light in late 2001 and destroyed the c

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    5. Too many board directors lose their backbone

      When it comes to corporate governance, hardly anyone could be more blunt than San Antonio investor George Karutz Sr. How blunt can he get? How about this: “Directors tend to leave their brains, their balls and their backbone at the boardroom door.” Karutz told me during a lunch meeting that he felt compelled to speak out about his views because of his long experience as an investor and as local efforts increase to entice investors to look more at local startup companies. He has criticized direct

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