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    Proxy Advisory Firms and Corporate Shareholder Engagement President and CEO Judy Marks Elected as Chair of Otis Worldwide Corporation Century Aluminum Company Announces Jennifer Bush as New Independent Board Member Rohit Verma and Oris R. Stuart Elected to Ameritas Board of Directors Healixa Appoints Rep. Denver Riggleman to the Board of Directors Biodesix Announces Appointment of Successful Innovator and Scientific Professional Jon Faiz Kayyem, PhD to Board of Directors Ventus Therapeutics Appoints Three New Members to Board of Directors Robin Washington Joins StockX Board of Directors as Audit Committee Chair Henry Schein Appoints Scott Serota to Board of Directors American Water Board of Directors Appoints Susan Hardwick as Interim CEO due to Hospitalization of Walter Lynch LGI Homes, Inc. Appoints Shailee Parikh to its Board of Directors SPAC Governance: In Need of Judicial Review