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    1. Neuberger Berman to Disclose Proxy Votes for 60-Plus Companies Ahead of Time

      Neuberger Berman to Disclose Proxy Votes for 60-Plus Companies Ahead of Time

      Investment manager Neuberger Berman will disclose ahead of time how it will vote its proxies for 60 or so companies before they hold their annual meetings. The move marks the second year that Neuberger is preannouncing its votes, both for and against corporate management, and explaining its voting rationale...

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    2. ‘Responsible’ Proxy Voting Is Going Mainstream

      ‘Responsible’ Proxy Voting Is Going Mainstream

      New voting rules from a popular investment adviser mean that some well-known asset managers—including Pimco—are opposing company management at annual shareholder meetings. Typically, proxy season is a springtime ritual during which dissident shareholders voice their frustrations with corporate management, institutional investors side with the CEO, and little is accomplished.

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