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    1. Biden In the Boardroom

      Biden In the Boardroom

      A Biden Administration can be expected to have a notable impact on corporate governance, both through specific proposals and by how its policies influence state legislation, “best practices” formulation and board conduct. During the long presidential campaign, progressive candidates floated several proposals with significant potential impact on corporate governance, including the Accountable Capitalism Act, the Ending Too Big to Jail Act and the Corporate Executive Accountability Act...

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    2. When That Problematic Board Member Just Won’t Leave

      When That Problematic Board Member Just Won’t Leave

      Sometimes a corporate director who’s the main source of a company’s reputational problems is the last one to recognize it. That’s why, in order to protect the company from unwanted controversy and reputational harm, boards benefit from discreet tools to remove problematic officers and directors before their terms are up, and without going through a formal removal process...

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    3. Why Progressive Politics Matter To Corporate Governance

      Why Progressive Politics Matter To Corporate Governance

      Political proposals on hot button topics like climate mitigation, guaranteed jobs, wealth tax and single payor healthcare are often dismissed as extremist, or as downright crazy. Mention “national mobilization” and some knees are going to jerk. But given the passage of time and changed circumstances, some crazy ideas actually tend to stick...

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