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    AT&T’s CEO Steps Down With A $64 Million Gold-Plated Retirement Plan After Mismanaging Their Companies With Stock Buybacks And Lucrative CEO Pay Packages, Airlines Demand Another $25 Billion From Taxpayers Par Pacific Announces Appointment of Anthony Chase to Board of Directors Synaptics Appoints Patricia Kummrow to Board of Directors Benefitfocus Names John Park to Board of Directors Columbia Financial, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Daria Torres to its Board of Directors ImmunoScape Appoints Renowned Immuno-Oncology Expert Adrian Woolfson, BM BCh, PhD, to Board of Directors Rising Insurance Prices and Intensifying Risks Unified Women’s Healthcare Appoints Bryony Winn and Dr. Trent Haywood to Board of Directors Drips Names Greg Williams to Board of Directors Scott Sonnemaker Appointed to Mori Board of Directors Dun & Bradstreet Expands Its Board of Directors and Welcomes Banking Industry Veteran Ellen R. Alemany