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    Wells Fargo CEO Resigns, Bank President Succeeds Walmart Boss Earns 1,200 Times as Much as the Company’s Median Worker Kura Sushi USA Announces Appointment of Carin L. Stutz to the Company’s Board of Directors Mondelēz International Appoints Ertharin Cousin to Board of Directors Bright Peak Therapeutics Appoints Jacob Chacko, M.D., as Chair of its Board of Directors Seer Appoints Meeta Gulyani to its Board of Directors Journey Medical Corporation Introduces Expanded Board of Directors May Tan Appointed to Manulife's Board of Directors Heliogen Announces Nominations of Luminaries Stacey Abrams and Phyllis Newhouse to Its Post-Combination Board of Directors Twitter Stock Jumps After Report Says CEO Jack Dorsey to Step Down Amazon Covid Settlement Spotlights Board Focus on Workforce, ESG Letter From Gatemore Capital Management LLP to DX Group plc