1. Does This Man Look Like a Felon to You?

    Does This Man Look Like a Felon to You?

    One way for a corporate board to mitigate prosecution under the anti-corruption law, or avoid it altogether, is to shift blame to individuals. That appears to be what PetroTiger's board did. The company's “voluntary disclosures [to prosecutors] were of ...

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    1. I don't think there's anything to be concerned about.
    2. What they say Joe did in Colombia—it can't be true, and I will never think it's true.
    3. Joe wouldn't put up with the corruption in Colombia. He was firing people and pointing fingers.
    4. Joe taught us by example that discipline and achievement matter more than social status.
    5. Joe is our Harvard Business School.
    6. We were working our way up through the supply chain, firing people by the dozens because they were dirty.
    7. I did that as a favor to him, because he didn't want to pay tax.
    8. You have a chance to regroup, go on vacation, collect yourself, come out f---ing strong. Greg, I want that.
    9. We encourage companies to maintain robust compliance programs, to voluntarily disclose and eradicate misconduct when it is detected, and to cooperate in the government's investigation.
    10. And then that's when they knew like obviously the guy's guilty of something.
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