1. Starboard Capital's Jeff Smith: The Investor CEOs Fear Most

    Starboard Capital's Jeff Smith: The Investor CEOs Fear Most

    It was a chance to burnish his brand as an activist investor . He had already earned a reputation among fellow activists as having a talent for shaking up corporate boardrooms. “Starboard has certainly become one of the main go-to firms in activist situations,” ...

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    1. They were blind to how their actions were going to directly lead to this result.
    2. We had a company—Red Lobster—that had been facing tough times.
    3. Starboard may make recommendations regarding corporate strategy, capital allocation, financial performance, and board composition.
    4. Their thoughts about ways to unlock value made the Starboard stuff look like grade-school work.
    5. It was very clear that they were working hand and glove with Starboard.
    6. A few days later, Smith wrote that the move
    7. Shockingly, Olive Garden no longer salts the water it uses to boil the pasta, merely to get a longer warranty on its pots.
    8. We all very quickly realized that this was his audition for the big stage.
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