1. American Apparel CEO Fighting 'Vigorously' to Retake Company

    American Apparel CEO Fighting 'Vigorously' to Retake Company

    Dov Charney, the embattled American Apparel CEO subject to a boardroom coup last week, has filed paperwork with the SEC stating he intends to "vigorously" fight his ouster with the help of some investors Charney "was approached by certain persons, including stockholders of the Issuer, who expressed support for his continued leadership," the filing states. The Schedule 13 D filing, the form that ...

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    1. In terms of finances, your conduct has required the company to incur significant and unwarranted expenses, including expenses associated with litigation and defense costs, significant settlement payments, substantial severance packages that were granted to employees, and unwarranted business expenses that you incurred for personal reasons.
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