1. Only one Latina has been CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Why so few Hispanic women make it to the top

    Only one Latina has been CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Why so few Hispanic women make it to the top

    When Geisha Williams took over PG&E in 2017, she was stunned to learn she was the first Latina CEO of a Fortune 500 company. There hasn't been another since. Hispanic and Latina women make up just 1.6% of senior executives in the nation’s largest companies, according to a USA TODAY analysis of the S&P 100...

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    1. Latinas are more than qualified to take on those executive roles.
    2. Well, what does that sound and look like? Oftentimes, it probably didn't look like me.
    3. It's not just about the right thing to do.
    4. I realized with that sort of mentality, I wasn't going to continue to be challenged and continue to grow.
    5. Bias leads to impressions that Latinas are not management material.
    6. It's a very specific kind of visibility and invisibility. You're visible insofar as you're there to serve people but you're invisible as a participant and you are certainly never seen as an equal.
    7. I was trying to find my way, trying to find my voice and trying to carve out a place for me but I began to fear I was losing myself in the process.
    8. We need to instill the belief in more folks who grew up the way I did and who look like me that this could be you and that you have just as much right to be here as anyone else.
    9. I had a manager there who defended me and then I got the promotion.
    10. Take your seat at the table. Bring 100% of yourself to work. Companies need to hear your voice.
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