1. Is the Boardroom Your Career North Star?

    Is the Boardroom Your Career North Star?

    If your career goals include a public company board seat, make these three lists to keep focused on your goal of becoming a director. This is a quick, easy way to keep your “North Star” priorities. Make time to update them monthly and stay on track.


    Win List: This list includes new people you have met who are also on the journey to the boardroom. Maybe you shared coffee or lunch—even a phone call? List their names and what you learned or gained from the conversation. Keep in touch with them periodically to match progress.


    Coaching Tree List: On this list keep track of your formal or informal mentors or executive sponsors. This list includes people at all levels who share a common desire to grow and learn and who offer you constructive feedback. Meet with them periodically to elicit their suggestions. Separately, keep track of those you mentor and check in on their progress.


    Stakeholder List: Include all the professionals whom you are networking with and the key conversation points. Revisit this list before any meetings or calls and review often to reset priorities.


    Life can be busy, but these three simple lists can keep you firmly pointed toward your North Star.


    For more information, see: Becoming a Public Company Director ($9.99ebook Amazon, B/N, Apple iBookstore)

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