1. Inside Clif Bar’s Rocky Road To Its Sale—And The Unknown Status Of A $580 Million Employee Payout

    Inside Clif Bar’s Rocky Road To Its Sale—And The Unknown Status Of A $580 Million Employee Payout

    The years leading up to Clif Bar’s agreement last week to sell itself for $2.9 billion were full of challenges: management turmoil, layoffs and defections, a failed $20 million ad campaign and a succession of CEOs. Now ex-employees speak out on the surprising sale...

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    1. I do think they shouldn't have been pumping out this narrative of we're always going to be family-owned.
    2. Mondelez is the right partner at the right time, as our two companies share a similar ethos of leading with a purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.
    3. He was convinced we had a mole at the company who was leaking secrets to Kind. He constantly wanted to get into lawsuits with Kind… It was sucking up so much time and energy.
    4. There were a lot of growing pains happening within the organization.
    5. Because of the mobility restrictions, sales through more impulse-type channels—fitness facilities, convenience stores—slowed, and [that] did have an impact as it relates to the protein bar area of the industry.
    6. Many of those people had been at the company for 10 years or longer, some as long as 17 years.
    7. For a company like Clif Bar that really touts it being an employee-first company and really having these strong values—being all about the way we treat each other—to not have any consideration given for my situation was just shocking and disappointing.
    8. I was in a position where I was interviewing for jobs, but I was halfway through my pregnancy.
    9. Everything kind of fell apart with that restructure.
    10. This required assessment of skillsets throughout the organization and culminated in the difficult decision in Feb. 2021.
    11. The sale will not positively impact us.
    12. We'd been to [Kit and Gary's] house … they worked alongside of us on volunteer days.
    13. Kit and Gary at the helm did so much for the food system and the world. They were talking about organics before anyone was talking about organics.
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