1. Unilever Names Activist Investor Nelson Peltz to Board

    Unilever Names Activist Investor Nelson Peltz to Board

    (Reuters) -Unilever named Nelson Peltz as a board member on Tuesday, as it engages in talks about strategy with the American activist investor who now holds a roughly 1.5% stake in the consumer goods giant. London-listed Unilever said Peltz will join as a non-executive director from July and serve as a member of the board's compensation committee...

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    1. We look forward to working collaboratively with management and the Board to help drive Unilever's strategy, operations, sustainability, and shareholder value.
    2. We have held extensive and constructive discussions with him and the Trian team and believe that Nelson's experience in the global consumer goods industry will be of value to Unilever.
    3. If not that, at least the presence of an activist investor can drive collaboration amongst Unilever's other shareholders and raise Unilever's profile in the media to increase accountability of ongoing changes.
    4. He/Trian ... can add fresh outsider ideas.
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