1. Moderna CFO’s Departure Reignites Debate Over Company’s Culture

    Moderna CFO’s Departure Reignites Debate Over Company’s Culture

    Moderna became a $50bn success story by developing a Covid-19 vaccine at an unprecedented pace. But the biotech may have broken a less illustrious speed record this week when it removed its chief financial officer after just a day in the job. The Boston-based biotech said Jorge Gomez was leaving the company following the disclosure of an investigation at his former employer, the dental equipment maker Dentsply Sirona, which it said was linked to financial reporting issues...

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    1. As such the expertise of our executive team has evolved to fit where we are today and where we are going.
    2. Upon meeting, the Board made the determination that it was appropriate to separate Mr Gomez from Moderna. Mr Gomez was immediately informed of that decision.
    3. It wasn't a hiccup, for me, it was actually an example where the company made a decision very quickly.
    4. The sad truth is that executive searches are often poorly executed and succession planning beyond the CEO is given little to no thought.
    5. Our commitment to a science-driven and innovative culture is well recognised; we routinely rank as one of the best places to work and a top employer.
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