1. Xerox Chairman, Director Stepping Down Signaling Possible M&A Talks

    Xerox Chairman, Director Stepping Down Signaling Possible M&A Talks

    Two directors of Xerox, including Chairman Keith Cozza, are stepping down from Xerox in a move that reignites speculation that Xerox may be in for more merger or acquisition talks. Xerox, in a Thursday SEC filing , said that, as of March 18, Cozza and Cheryl Krongard have informed the company’s board of directors that they will not stand for re-election to the board, and that they will step down from the board at the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting scheduled for May 19...

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    1. Their respective decisions not to stand for election were not due to any disagreement with respect to the operations, policies or practices of the Company. The Company thanks them for their many significant contributions in helping to guide the transformation of the Company.
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