1. Becoming a Public Company Director – How to Stay the Course

    Becoming a Public Company Director – How to Stay the Course

    Gaining a public company board seat is hard work. It takes patience. You have to really, really want this position. As I speak with board candidates — both first-time and sitting directors — I can hear those that are on the fence within the first few minutes of our conversation. The ones on the fence have a mud-on-the-wall approach — they throw a few things out here and there and hope for the best. They talk on and on about their career but are not able to translate their experience into succinct statements that pinpoint how they can benefit a board and how they will add value once on a board. Serious director candidates have a focused plan and communicate their board-level value proposition in a short and concise manner. As you begin your campaign, here are a few tips to keep you in the game as a serious candidate for the long haul:


    Stay Focused. Detach yourself from defeating thoughts and people. Separate yourself from anyone in your inner circle who brings you down or deflates your energy.  Allocate time in your calendar to work toward your goal on a regular basis. Others give up, so you keep after it.


    Create Urgency. Create momentum with a forward-moving focus. The latest studies in the field of neuroscience show evidence that new pathways develop in the brain in just 30 days — evidence an old dog can learn new tricks! With momentum and focus your physical body will respond and assist you to meet your goal. Be your own best friend.


    Resource Management. Plan how and where to spend your assets carefully. Build your online presence in a purposeful manner. Take the big goal of gaining a public company board seat and break it down into small, achievable parts. This is an expensive niche, both in time and money.


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