1. Climate Activist Shareholders are Finally Starting to Win

    Climate Activist Shareholders are Finally Starting to Win

    Investors in Costco are mad as hell about the company being a laggard on climate change , and they’re not going to take it anymore. That was the message the retail giant’s shareholders sent on Jan. 27, when 70% of them voted to call on the company to set a strategy for eliminating carbon emissions from its value chain by 2050. According to investor advocacy group Ceres, it was the first time for such a net-zero proposal to pass at any company...

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    1. Investors one by one are realizing that what's in the best interest of an oil major, for example, is not necessarily in the best interest of their entire portfolio.
    2. I am expecting to see a big increase in proposals in 2022.
    3. Asset managers want to continue to raise money, and given the investor focus on ESG, this is a trend they have to respond to.
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