1. Von der Leyen Expects EU Deal on Rules for Women in Boardrooms

    Von der Leyen Expects EU Deal on Rules for Women in Boardrooms

    Berlin | The European Commission president has said she is increasingly optimistic that Europe will unblock long-delayed legislation this year aimed at boosting women’s representation in corporate boardrooms. Ursula von der Leyen told the Financial Times she is ready to work with France to push for the proposed directive during the six-month period of Paris holding the rotating EU presidency...

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    1. The balanced representation of women and men in boardrooms is an important concern for the German government. The EU Commission's proposal for a directive is currently being examined by the ministries and a joint position of the German government is being reached.
    2. I have learnt that, to have a critical threshold of women on boards, you need a legal [framework] nudging companies in the right direction.
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