1. McDonald’s to Invest $250 Million to Diversify Franchise Owners

    McDonald’s to Invest $250 Million to Diversify Franchise Owners

    McDonald’s, facing a lawsuit from Black former franchisees that alleges discrimination, said Wednesday it will commit $250 million in a five-year plan to diversify the ranks of its restaurant owners. The program will bolster recruitment and training and focus on alternative financing to lower upfront costs for prospective franchisees who have limited access to capital. The company did not propose a specific reduction in its equity requirements...

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    1. Meaningful change does not happen overnight or with a one-size-fits-all solution, but it certainly comes from a concerted vision and an ambition to continuously reflect the communities we serve.
    2. Access to capital continues to be a challenge in closing the wealth gap in the U.S. — particularly for minority entrepreneurs.
    3. Efforts that eliminate barriers to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs are critical in helping to bridge that gap — providing a foundation for a lifetime of opportunity and generational wealth creation. This is more important than ever.
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