1. New Report Shows Slow Diversification of College Boards

    New Report Shows Slow Diversification of College Boards

    While board size held steady in 2020, the pandemic had a significant impact on the frequency and length of board meetings, many of which were conducted online. The board members who oversee America’s colleges and universities are still overwhelmingly white and male, though institutions have diversified their boards somewhat in recent years, a new report from the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges shows...

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    1. If an institution has more financial need than what it can get from the state—if it's a public institution, for example—or from tuition, they need more apertures through which they can generate cash flow.
    2. It's important to consider the perspective that boards are part of an ecosystem of higher education, which is embedded in American society.
    3. When you're hiring for somebody to take a job, they're going to be paid. They have expectations of the work.
    4. Boards need to make holistic, well-informed, strategic decisions.
    5. It will be interesting to see how boards evaluate those pandemic-necessitated adaptations to customary meeting structures and practices and whether they make sense for the future.
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