1. How Corporate Governance Is Changing

    How Corporate Governance Is Changing

    Milton Friedman was wrong. In his seminal 1970 essay , the Nobel Prize-winning economist wrote that companies have no social responsibility beyond making money for shareholders. This doctrine of shareholder primacy guided generations of business executives, board members, and policymakers who ensured that firms forged ahead in the free market with profits as the sole objective...

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    1. It's amazing how much governance has changed.
    2. Many boards are not equipped to offer strategic guidance on these kinds of nonmarket crises that arguably carry the most enterprise risk for firms today.
    3. We found a lot of board members just lean in. Where they have expertise, they just kind of dive in much more directly with management and actually help management with all the issues at hand.
    4. It ties back to the conversation of what are you trying to maximize? Are you trying to maximize the value for your stakeholders, or are you trying to maximize value for your shareholders.
    5. We should see less coal mines. We should be seeing more solar farms, thanks to the rise of ESG investing.
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