1. Ex-Nissan Exec Kelly Wants Boardroom, Not Criminal, Trial

    Ex-Nissan Exec Kelly Wants Boardroom, Not Criminal, Trial

    TOKYO (AP) — Nearly three years later, former Nissan executive Greg Kelly is still wondering why the questions that led to his arrest and trial in Japan weren’t simply taken up in the automaker's corporate boardroom...

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    1. I don't think any of us were involved in a crime, or a criminal activity.
    2. We were involved in trying to solve a business problem, which was: What actions do you take that are lawful to retain a very valuable executive who was underpaid?
    3. It should have been resolved at the corporate level at Nissan. It's not a criminal matter.
    4. When you get into your 60s, you're not looking at a long horizon.
    5. Some observers think that Kelly may be a bit of a pawn in the (Japanese) government's effort to salvage its reputation after Ghosn escaped.
    6. It was a small group that put together this scenario.
    7. To commit a crime, you have to have a motive. Greg didn't get anything. He was trying to help Nissan.
    8. He was always an honest guy. He was always someone you could trust and talk to.
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