1. Nasdaq Wins SEC Support for Plan to Diversify Company Boards

    Nasdaq Wins SEC Support for Plan to Diversify Company Boards

    (Bloomberg) -- Nasdaq Inc. won the Securities and Exchange Commission’s support to help get more women and minorities on boards of companies trading on the stock exchange. The SEC gave its approval of a Nasdaq board diversity proposal in an ordered posted on the agency’s website Friday...

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    1. These rules will allow investors to gain a better understanding of Nasdaq-listed companies' approach to board diversity, while ensuring that those companies have the flexibility to make decisions that best serve their shareholders.
    2. We are pleased that the SEC has approved Nasdaq's proposal to enhance board diversity disclosures and encourage the creation of more diverse boards through a market-led solution.
    3. Corporations that lead on equity and inclusion become more durable, have greater resonance with America's diverse consumer markets, and are more creative and competitive in the global marketplace.
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