1. Board’s Oversight of Racial DE&I

    Board’s Oversight of Racial DE&I

    Given State Street Global Advisors’ perspective as a long-term investor, and with input from diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) experts, our organizations identified six key business risks and opportunities related to racial and ethnic diversity...

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    1. If you look at companies that have had the biggest problems recently, it is always about the culture.
    2. I had a conversation, literally on a board call, where I was explaining equity and equality.
    3. We set targets for how you move along the D&I journey.
    4. Things moved when you tied compensation to it.
    5. It was difficult. There was lots of pushback.
    6. The more data you have, the more you're able to do something about it.
    7. Longitudinal satisfaction surveys are important, but they're often too high level.
    8. As you can imagine, it is actually very important to track someone's ethnicity as it relates to the market.
    9. Adding an African is not the same as adding an African American.
    10. I think a lot of US-centric executives haven't been exposed to global issues, and they try to impose US diversity thinking onto an international population, which I don't think is appropriate or helpful.
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