1. Ford, GM Push For Gender-Neutral Titles

    Ford, GM Push For Gender-Neutral Titles

    U.S. automakers Ford and General Motors have replaced their "chairman" title to the gender-neutral "chair" title, a notable step in the historically male-dominated auto industry. The changes come after many large U.S. corporations have promised employees and investors they would amp up efforts for more diversity. A regulatory filing showed that Ford’s board voted last week to amend their bylaws to “adopt gender-neutral language throughout, including the title ‘chair’ in place of ‘chairman.'"...

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    1. Our roles at Ford aren't gender exclusive and these changes help limit ambiguity and contribute to the inclusive and equitable culture we're creating.
    2. Mary Barra's title adjustment from Chairman and CEO to Chair and CEO is just one of many changes at General Motors in our journey to be the most inclusive company in the world.
    3. While we applaud the progress that businesses have made in increasing board diversity, we need to ensure representation is holistic and inclusive for all -- not just for one segment of an underrepresented population.
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