1. Five Strategic Questions Sony Needs to Answer at Its Investor Presentation

    Five Strategic Questions Sony Needs to Answer at Its Investor Presentation

    Sony Pictures Entertainment chief Tony Vinciquerra, one of the architects of the studio’s “ arms dealer in an arms race ” streaming strategy, will be a keynote speaker Thursday morning Japanese time as part of parent company Sony Group’s annual strategy presentation to staff and investors. Vinciquerra, SPE motion picture group chairman Tom Rothman, and the corporation will have much to crow about. SPE’s recently-inked, twin output deals with Netflix and Disney have been widely admired...

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    1. They are big enough to compete, but there are real concerns that they don't have their own streaming service, The Movie Business Book
    2. Maybe them not [operating as] a streamer is really good in the end. Sony makes good content.
    3. What they're saying to Wall Street is.
    4. The size of the established library is not large enough for [Sony] to build a streaming service from the ground up, but there's potential coming from content collaborators, and gaming businesses, where they can utilize more unique IPs and they can turn it into reasonably budgeted [films].
    5. We see Sony consolidating its position in almost all businesses; wherever they are weak – they are either getting leaner (exiting) or doing partnerships.
    6. One of the beautiful things about entertainment is all of the silos have faded. Those companies that have had movie, TV, and music entertainment pride themselves in cross pollination. Sony has a lot of that, they just don't have a streaming service.
    7. Their ability to adapt in the business world is crippled by ideological underpinnings.
    8. The entertainment division of Sony had one of the best bottom line years at a time when none of their films played theatrically.
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