1. Shell on Trial as Court Weighs its Climate Responsibility

    Shell on Trial as Court Weighs its Climate Responsibility

    A Dutch court verdict against Royal Dutch Shell Plc will determine whether it has a legal responsibility for climate change, in a case that will be watched by Big Oil executives globally. A panel of judges in a lower court in The Hague will rule on Wednesday in a case being followed closely by environmental campaigners too...

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    1. Without doubt, it's a very important case.
    2. Addressing climate change is a huge, huge challenge and requires a collaborative and global approach.
    3. Judges around the world are being confronted by climate change cases and are looking to other judges for points of reference.
    4. The test will be: to what extent does Shell have an obligation to reduce climate change, and that's not a given.
    5. The days of fossil fuel extraction are numbered and traditional oil exploration companies will have to switch to green alternatives quickly.
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