1. Media CEO Salary & Pay: Richest Hollywood & Tech Executives – Deadline

    Media CEO Salary & Pay: Richest Hollywood & Tech Executives – Deadline

    It was the worst of times (for the world). It was still a pretty good time (for CEO pay). Ten top media and entertainment CEOs earned a combined $350 million last year...

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    1. While our response to the Covid-19 pandemic warranted uncommon actions with respect to compensation programs, our underlying philosophy has not been permanently altered or abandoned.
    2. They never make those statements to the upside. When external events lead to windfalls or high pay, you don't see companies adjusting for that.
    3. Under 70% approval is when boards start taking the vote as a strong indictment against them. This is far worse than that.
    4. Mr. Iger did a tremendous job of overseeing the creative output of the Company to help fuel the successful launch of Disney+ and to position our DTC platform for future success.
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