1. CFOs Zero In on Shareholders as Stock Volatility Soars

    CFOs Zero In on Shareholders as Stock Volatility Soars

    Last quarter’s extreme stock-price moves resurfaced an age-old quandary for company executives: Can they exert any influence over their share price? Some company and investor-relations executives are attempting to steer a more stable course for their stock, and hope educating shareholders on the prospects of their company will help their cause. But their options are limited by what they don’t know, including who holds certain shares, as well as the dominance of passive investing...

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    1. The bottom line is there are really limited ways that a company or CFO can deal with a lot of these dynamics.
    2. The market doesn't always get things right minute by minute or day by day, But if we continue to execute well on our key strategic priorities, we believe it will reward us appropriately in the long term.
    3. My results will speak for themselves.
    4. The only things you can really control is your own execution of the business, and trying to get investors in your stock who are long-term-oriented and who are going to hold.
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