1. Many Corporate Boards Still Face Shortage of Tech Expertise

    Many Corporate Boards Still Face Shortage of Tech Expertise

    Corporate boards could soon be on the hunt for fresh technology expertise as digital business models pursued in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic reshape business strategy. Companies over the past several months have rushed ahead with investments in AI-enabled analysis of business data, automation and new forms of digital collaboration. The moves, aimed at business continuity, are finding permanence as processes change across industries...

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    1. If you didn't have a digital strategy, you do now or you don't survive.
    2. Because of the pandemic, the CIO's operational responsibilities have grown so dramatically that their CEOs are less willing to loan them out to other boards.
    3. We fully expect board-level involvement from tech leadership to increase.
    4. Digital transformation is not just an IT responsibility, the strategic thinking must span enterprisewide.
    5. Boards play an important role in building the leadership team and guide it through different phases of a company.
    6. I can educate the board in the complexities of product choices and technology options.
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