1. Almost Everyone at SoftBank Thinks Going Private Is a Bad Idea

    Almost Everyone at SoftBank Thinks Going Private Is a Bad Idea

    Inside SoftBank Group Corp., the idea of going private through a buyout has been discussed off and on for at least five years. Almost everyone except founder Masayoshi Son opposes it, people with direct knowledge of the matter said. The reasons are substantial: No one has pulled off a buyout anywhere close to SoftBank’s $130 billion valuation, it’s not clear the company could raise the necessary financing and such a complex deal would prove a distraction for at least a year, the people said...

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    1. SoftBank is a goose with more golden eggs in its belly.
    2. Everything Son is doing suggests that they are planning to take the company private.
    3. The capital they would need to buy out minority investors is massive.
    4. It could be that SoftBank sees a market crash coming.
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