1. Nissan Employee Testifies Against American on Trial in Japan

    Nissan Employee Testifies Against American on Trial in Japan

    TOKYO - A Nissan employee testified Tuesday that he worked with another former Nissan executive, American Greg Kelly to find ways to pay the automaker’s former chairman, Carlos Ghosn without fully disclosing his compensation. Toshiaki Ohnuma, a star witnesses for the prosecution, described to the Tokyo District Court his job in human resources at Nissan Motor Co., where he said he handled executive compensation matters...

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    1. There was decided paid compensation for Mr. Ghosn but also unpaid compensation.
    2. We worked together to consider how to avoid disclosure of the unpaid compensation.
    3. The prosecutors have properly charged those who needed to be charged.
    4. This is dangerous for the attractiveness of Japan both for recruiting talent as well as doing business in Japan.
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