1. ESG Scores Aren’t Enough to Achieve a Net-Zero Future

    ESG Scores Aren’t Enough to Achieve a Net-Zero Future

    (Bloomberg) -- Just like in traditional investing, there are dozens of strategies you can use to be an ESG investor. There are funds that pick the best-rated low-carbon companies, funds that focus on companies with more women on boards, and funds that use a series of ratings and checklists to ensure the stocks they are betting on are “better” than the rest of the market. But is that the best way to get to a more sustainable future...

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    1. We believe the very best companies can see around corners.
    2. It's so rare to do all this forecasting and scenario planning about the future.
    3. The science tells us we need to stabilize the climate crisis in 35 years, and to do that we need to be improving the situation by about 2% every year.
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