1. What Happens To Your ESG Investment When Money’s Tight For Others?

    What Happens To Your ESG Investment When Money’s Tight For Others?

    You may buy a story stock, but you only make money when that story is backed up by profits. That reality may alter your opinion on the sustainability of your ESG-based investment...

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    1. Many investors have been raised in a society that has become increasingly aware of a variety of risks that affect the environment and social behavior & well-being and financial outcomes for companies, Bob
    2. In some cases, we see statements from companies making products that when you make your purchase from them the company will donate funds to an ESG cause.
    3. Any sort of scandal, however minor, can set off a firestorm of negative press for a company.
    4. Younger consumers may desire to purchase products that align with their ESG goals, even if they are more expensive.
    5. Younger generations are becoming increasingly skeptical and frugal after witnessing the 2008 financial crisis and recent coronavirus market drop.
    6. COVID-19 may put a damper on younger people spending according to their beliefs.
    7. The answer to this question may lie in a research project that one of my students just did.
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