1. Racial Justice Begins with Corporate America Righting Economic Wrongs

    Racial Justice Begins with Corporate America Righting Economic Wrongs

    The question is on everyone’s mind: Will this moment in race relations be different? Not without corporate America playing a significant role, that’s for sure...

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    1. We need this to be more than a moment. It's got to be a movement. Sustainability is the key.
    2. The only senior Black person in your senior team shouldn't be the chief diversity officer.
    3. It completely broke white America. They couldn't take it.
    4. We are committed to make that kind of effort and same kind of stewardship in the area of racial equality and racial inclusion on boards and senior management teams.
    5. It was clear to anybody looking at the landscape it was a moment that required real thought.
    6. It appears that society at large is coming to the realization that economic progress concentrated in the hands of a few ultimately becomes something very damaging systemically.
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