1. Eric Johnson Joins Televerde's Board of Directors

    Eric Johnson Joins Televerde's Board of Directors

    Televerde, the first and only fully integrated sales and marketing technology organization with a proven execution model for generating demand and accelerating sales, today announced that Eric Johnson, a former senior leader at Adobe-Marketo, Blackberry, Qlik and SAP, has been appointed to Televerde’s board of directors...

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    1. Eric is a highly respected and talented sales leader who has intimate understanding of our industry and customers. He knows how business gets done and his success in leading brands to meet and exceed their revenue goals is well-established.
    2. As board members play a significant role in the success of a business, we took our time to find the right person who would further strengthen our board's talent and capabilities. We are delighted to have identified such an outstanding individual in Eric.
    3. I have known Televerde from the client side for more than 15 years and have acquired a love and appreciation for the business. The company's 25-year history of providing career opportunity and training to incarcerated women is a world-class example of business as a force for good.
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