1. Mack-Cali Board Minority Accuses Colleagues of Ignoring Concerns

    Mack-Cali Board Minority Accuses Colleagues of Ignoring Concerns

    (Bloomberg) -- Four Mack-Cali Realty Corp. directors elected last year after a proxy fight with one of the company’s largest investors are going public with claims their views are being ignored as another boardroom battle comes to a head. The foursome is taking the unusual step of issuing a rebuke of the board’s old-guard majority, arguing they are disregarding concerns about the strategic direction of the real estate investment trust...

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    1. Mack-Cali has dismissed us as instruments of Bow Street in an attempt to shift attention from the severe governance problems that have hobbled the company and denied value to its shareholders.
    2. We believe Mack-Cali's greatest need is for even more oversight and a board composed of a majority of truly independent voices.
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