1. Ford Counts its Cash Amid Pandemic After $70M Exec Pay Exceeds Company's Profit in 2019 -

    Ford Counts its Cash Amid Pandemic After $70M Exec Pay Exceeds Company's Profit in 2019 -

    The cumulative compensation for the six top executives at Ford Motor Co. – $70 million – exceeded the automaker's annual net income of $47 million in 2019, a year that included a botched Ford Explorer launch and billions in warranty costs...

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    1. We believe Ford's going to be around a good long time.
    2. We fell short of our financial expectations and yours in 2019.
    3. We didn't perform up to our expectations last year, everybody has made that clear.
    4. There's just too much stuff in the net that doesn't speak to underlying performance of the business – global redesign, electric vehicles, AV spending. You don't get that benefit now.
    5. These compensation packages are baked-in formulas, Autoline After Hours
    6. When you lower the water in the river, all the rocks get exposed.
    7. Ford's current financial quagmire, resulting in the need to draw down their credit lines a few weeks ago, and now even additional borrowing, is not the result of the COVID-19 lockdowns and shutdowns; this has been building for years.
    8. Looking at executive pay in a single year can be misleading and misplaces the debate on an executive's earnings versus long-range value creation.
    9. Clearly at Ford, there is no correlation between executive compensation and overall company financial performance.
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