1. Experts Question Whether Boeing’s Board of Directors is Capable of Righting the Company

    Experts Question Whether Boeing’s Board of Directors is Capable of Righting the Company

    Experts question whether Boeing’s board of directors is capable of righting the company Feb. 8, 2020 at 6:00 am Grounded 737 MAX passenger planes crowded the south end of Boeing Field in September. The MAX crisis has focused new attention on the company’s board of directors, which oversees management...

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    1. Nine months is a long time — it's a forever in business for a crisis like this.
    2. The vote at that moment in time, at the end of the last meeting, simply was the end of our confidence.
    3. The bulk of these boards will be current and former CEOs of big companies, then maybe someone with international trade expertise, and a senator with connections in Washington, D.C..
    4. The board you see today was largely created by McNerney, and he packed it with people with zero engineering experience.
    5. There's a lot of politically connected folks, but not so much engineering.
    6. For a company of this size, that's not what we want to see.
    7. The circumstances Boeing has faced is revealing the weaknesses on the board.
    8. All of us were hoping and praying that Dennis could get through that … in good order.
    9. I get a lot of media attention around the idea that I'm somehow an insider.
    10. I think [board members] let a very toxic culture happen.
    11. The board's failure to catch problems with the MAX is not a technical failure, it's a failure of not having the right organizational perspective and oversight systems that make sure management is asking the right questions when it comes to risk factors.
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