1. US SEC Commissioner Defends Proposal on Shareholder Voting Rules

    US SEC Commissioner Defends Proposal on Shareholder Voting Rules

    A top official at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday defended an agency shareholder voting proposal amid "misconception" received from the SEC's public consultation process over new limits to vote on thorny issues like climate change disclosure and executive pay...

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    1. I have seen many generalities, recycled comment letters...suggesting dissatisfaction based entirely on misinformation.
    2. No one commenter or group of market participants dictates the agency's agenda or approach to an issue. We receive input from and listened to the concerns of all market participants and the public.
    3. I have aimed to dispel myths...and I remain hopeful that, as we progress through the comment period, we will receive feedback on the specifics of the proposals which will help us to determine how-not if-to move forward.
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