1. Goldman’s Nod to Diversity Draws Some Criticism

    Goldman’s Nod to Diversity Draws Some Criticism

    Might the investment bank's new policy to avoid IPOs of companies without at least one diverse board member not be quite as good as it looks? David McCann Goldman Sachs has gotten plenty of ink since last week, after CEO David Solomon said in Davos, Switzerland, that the investment bank won’t take a company public unless it has at least one woman or person of color on its board of directors. Most of the ink was positive . But there were exceptions that provided food for thought...

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    1. Goldman Sachs is setting itself up to exclude women of color, as they are oftentimes left out of women-focused initiatives.
    2. While the move is significant, what Solomon and Goldman are doing is not a novel idea, nor is it the best version of an outdated idea.
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